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Women Fight Back Against Biden’s Order Allowing Transgenders In Women’s Sports

Joe Biden implemented one of the most regressive executive orders in recent memory—possibly ever—to strip women of their rights and protections in the name of “equality” for all genders…but some women are fighting back.

The Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), an organization that “fights at the front lines of feminism,” filed a petition with Biden’s Department of Education on Monday to protect women’s sports.

WoLF’s petition requested that the agency “initiate rulemaking to issue and amend Title IX regulations, to ensure that the rights of girls and women to equal opportunities in education programs and activities are not sacrificed in the Department’s efforts to comply” with Biden’s Executive Order 13998.

The organization states Biden’s order titled “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation” directs the Education Department to develop a plan to ensure its policies are consistent with the Biden Administration’s initiative to, “combat discrimination on the basis of gender identity.”

Most harmfully, the order allows biological males to compete in women’s sports if they say they “identify” as a woman.

Instead of advancing women’s rights, Biden has effectively removed one of the most important legal stipulations that protects women who play sports in federally-funded schools.

To combat this, WoLF’s petition urges Biden to enforce Title IX on the basis of sex rather than “gender identity” in order to protect girls who rely on “single-sex spaces.”

The feminist organization makes the very important point that Biden’s move toward progressivism regresses the rights women have received after a long hard-fought battle toward equality with men.

“WoLF and its members recognize the grave threat to this mission posed by trends in law toward embracing a vague concept of ‘gender identity’ in a manner that overrides constitutional and statutory protections that are explicitly based on ‘sex’,” the petition reads.

“If, as a matter of law, ‘sex’ is not acknowledged to be an immutable biological characteristic, and instead the characteristic of ‘sex’ is replaced with or overridden by a subjective, self-declared, mutable personal belief in one’s ‘identity’ – then the law will have abandoned a century-long effort to affirm the rights of women and girls to dignity, autonomy, and opportunities equal to those of men and boys,” WoLF states.

Executive Director Natasha Chart said the petition is a way of holding the Biden Administration responsible for upholding women’s rights in a press release.

“This petition is an important first step towards holding the Biden administration accountable for how their policies will harm women and girls. Feminists are stepping up to defend the rights that previous generations fought for,” Chart said.

Hopefully, WoLF’s petition forces Biden to recognize the threat his executive order poses to the progress women have made in pursuing equal rights with men.

Grace Saldana

FreedomWire News

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