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Why Candace Owens is the Cultural Warrior We Need

Photo: Candace Owens' Website

Known for her provocative stances, Candace Owens has spent the last several years making political and cultural waves. Her opinions are controversial as they tear a hole in a worn-out narrative, from her opposition to vaccine mandates to her ideas surrounding George Floyd and BLM to gender identity and rigged elections. She continues to make waves and raise questions where others won’t.

Here's what you may have seen about her lately:

Blexit Foundation

Blexit, or "black exit," founded by Candace Owens and Brandon Tatum, is a non-profit that educates minorities about the history of our country. This is done by highlighting the principles of the Constitution, promoting self-reliance, and the importance of breaking free from the victim narrative.

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM

Her newly released documentary (October 2022) exposes the aftermath of George Floyd's death and brings to light a media-concocted narrative that brought the Black Lives Matter movement to rise. Candace investigates the BLM movement, follows the money, and discovers how 90 million dollars in donations got disbursed, including where it went, where it didn’t go, and the possibility of misappropriation of funds.

Candace and Kanye

It's no secret that Candace and Kanye, also known as Ye, have spent considerable time together. The two share political views as black conservatives and a like-minded stance on policies while also being unapologetic Trump supporters. Most recently, they made headlines while attending a Paris fashion show where they each wore a long-sleeved shirt with "White Lives Matter" printed on the back.

Praise from Female Conservatives

Despite opposition and harsh commentary she receives from the Left, Candace has a vast array of female conservative supporters. Her Instagram posts are full of women praising her documentary, stating how they wish more people had her courage. Others leave comments that thank her for fighting for the truth, being articulate and inquisitive, and providing hope that women of color will speak out, despite it not always being the popular narrative.

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