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Trump is doing very well with women

President Donald Trump is receiving strong support from many female voters despite his recent legal setbacks.

In New York, a poll was conducted soon after the jury found Trump liable in the civil lawsuit filed by E. Jean Carroll, and the survey reported that 52.3% of female voters will still support Trump in the next GOP primary.

The BBC interviewed fellow women Trump supporters and the results are good news for the 45th president. Specifically, Marge Ryan who is 75 and from Kansas and had a lot to say about the situation.

“I do not believe this woman’s claim that she was raped by Donald Trump," she said. "If something that horrific happens to you it would be a horror you would never forget. The exact date and occurrence would be seared into your mind."

A report from Pew Research Center revealed findings that Trump’s vote-share among women in the 2020 election improved from 106, increasing from 39% to 44%.

Despite the left doing everything they can to destroy Trump in a witch hunt, he still has tons of women supporters and appears to only be gaining.

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