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Trump GAINS in polls ahead of arraignment, Republicans flood the streets in support

On Southern Boulevard in West Palm Beach, Florida, crowds showed support on Monday for former president Donald Trump as he left for his arraignment in Manhattan.

Jason Miller, a communication specialist who was Trump’s spokesman for his 2016 campaign, posted a photo on Twitter of the supporters waving flags. One large flag reads “Trump 2024 Save America.”

This crowd reflects the results of a recent 2024 National Republican Primary poll, which shows Trump’s lead still grows in the Republican primary race.

According to a Fox News poll, Trump, now ahead of potential candidate Ron DeSantis by 30 points (54%-24%), has doubled his lead since February (43%-28%). Mike Pence sits third with 6%.

This comes after a Manhattan grand jury voted to indict the former president on Thursday, and Trump’s lawyers said he would turn himself in on Tuesday.

Trump’s indictment, prompted by an investigation of hush-money payments allegedly made before his 2016 election, has unified many in the Republican Party who believe that the left is simply out to "get Trump."

“I have never had so much support and love as I do now against the Radical Left Insurrectionists, Extortionists, Crooked Politicians and Thugs that are destroying our Country,” Trump said in a Truth Social post on Sunday.

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