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The driving force behind a record number of Republican WOMEN getting elected to Congress

E-PAC helps elect a record number of Republican women to Congress

Step aside, gentleman, and make way for the powerhouse females taking the forefront throughout the GOP. Through her political action committee, Elevate PAC, or E-PAC, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) has led the national effort to increase the number of Republican women elected to Congress.

In 2018, only 13 Republican women served in the House of Representatives. E-PAC was formed after the 2018 midterms to increase that number by supporting top Republican female candidates in national primaries.

A Model That Works

Stefanik made it her mission through E-PAC to support, recruit, and invest in female candidates early to win the Republican primaries and general elections. These women are strong candidates and have proven that Stefanik's model works. In just two years, the number of Republican women in Congress has increased to 34.

We're going to have more women in the Republican Congress than in the history of Congress before, and it's only the beginning. We're just getting started.
-Kevin McCarthy- Fox News

Not only are they winning, but they’re also flipping seats

E-PAC women won 11 out of the 15 seats that flipped red in 2020, and the trend continues. E-PAC endorsed Republican women like Mayra Flores flipped Texas' 34th congressional district early this year, and the Midterms are likely to bring about more. Candidates like Cassy Garcia for Texas' 28th and Maya De La Cruz for Texas' 15 congressional districts. Then there's Karoline Leavitt, New Hampshire, who has the potential to become the youngest woman to serve in congress in history.

It's an exciting time for Republican women

Each of these women brings knowledge, strength, confidence, poise, and determination to this new space in politics. "The Year(s) of Women in the GOP" is here, and they aren't going anywhere. Maybe Stefanik's best, most hope-rendering comment is, "These extraordinary candidates are going to build this majority and fire Nancy Pelosi once and for all and save this country."

Let's do it!

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Audie Solomon
Audie Solomon

Men Need Woman, We Need GOD Loving Woman In Our Government, Keep Up The Great Work,

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