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Stefanik promises transparency in 'Biden Family Crime Saga': 'disgusting, although not surprising'

On Monday, New York Representative Elise Stefanik told Breitbart that the “Biden Crime Family Saga” was “disgusting, although not surprising.”

Stefanik referenced a recent IRS whistleblower allegation of political interference from the Department of Justice in current charges brought against the president’s son, Hunter Biden.

Gary Shapley, Jr., who was the supervisor of the IRS investigation, said that decisions were made in the Hunter Biden case that "had the effect of benefiting the subject of the investigation."

The president’s son has pleaded guilty to federal tax charges and a felony gun charge.

“The Biden Crime Family Saga is being fully exposed for their unprecedented betrayal of the American people, and we are going to ensure that there is transparency, accountability, and true justice brought to the American people immediately,” Stefanik posted to Twitter.

On Monday, the president also denied lying about conversations with Hunter Biden about his business deals.

The president has received further backlash over the weekend, as Hunter Biden accompanied his father to Camp David amidst the whistleblower allegations.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, tweeted his response.

"This week, federal government whistleblowers allege massive DOJ/FBI corrupt obstruction to protect Hunter and Biden family. And Biden regime sweetheart plea deal with Hunter is announced. Joe Biden's response? Bring Hunter to WH for a State Dinner and then off to Camp David for the weekend with him,” Fitton wrote.

Stefanik said she would hold the Biden family and DOJ accountable for an “unprecedented betrayal of the American people.”

“It is disgusting, although not surprising, that Biden’s politicized, corrupt DOJ is involved in a heinous cover-up in the tax fraud investigation of Hunter Biden,” Stefanik added.

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