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Sen. Joni Ernst criticizes Biden's weak border policies as Title 42 ends, offers solution

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, slammed Joe Biden’s border policies in light of the upcoming end to Title 42 on May 11.

“Biden has no permanent solution to secure the border,” Ernst tweeted on Sunday. She claimed the president is doing “too little, too late” by sending 1,500 troops to the southern border.

Title 42 was a public health measure issued during the Covid-19 pandemic that allows the Department of Homeland Security to turn away migrants on a public health basis, according to The Daily Caller.

Ernst tweeted that “Republicans have solutions to secure the border,” as she plans to announce legislation on Tuesday to finish the border wall.

The bill, titled the BUILD IT Act, would acquire already purchased material from the federal government and give it to states to use for the construction of the wall.

“Here’s a simple solution, Mr. President,” Ernst said in a statement. “Let’s put the border materials to use, end the taxpayer-funded waste, stop the unprecedented flow of illegal migrants, and finish the wall!”

Both Arizona and Texas have initiated action to continue construction on their sections of the wall.

“This administration’s refusal to uphold our border security laws is disgraceful,” Ernst said.

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