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President Trump Authorizes The Building Of A Women’s Suffrage Monument In Washington DC!

Day after day, President Trump defies the Left’s fake narratives about him that he is a racist, misogynist bigot who only cares about his own interests.

When you think about it, it’s truly horrific how they have slandered and lied about the president who has done more for America than almost any other in history.

And sadly, Democrat voters believe the lies.

But nevertheless, President Trump never stops working for the American people despite the Left’s complete lack of understanding.

Again dispelling the notion that he is a woman-hating misogynist, the president signed a bill that serves to commemorate women receiving the right to vote.

First Lady Melania Trump announced on Twitter that President Trump signed H.R. 473 “authorizing a women’s suffrage monument in our Nation’s Capital”.

“This new landmark will serve as a wonderful tribute to women & their significant contributions to our Nation both in the past & in generations to come,” she said, referring to a video the White House government account posted.

In the video of the president signing the bill, the First Lady said, “Signing this bill is very important because we show the next generation how important it is to vote.”


The bill was sponsored by the “Every Word We Utter” movement, the sole mission of which is to build a monument in D.C. to “insure ongoing women’s suffrage education and inspire future generations.”

This is a message that is especially important now as the future of our nation’s election integrity is at stake.

We must remember the hard-fought battles of generations past to earn the right to vote for all future generations.

Susan B. Anthony was a pioneer in achieving that goal, and President Trump posthumously pardoned earlier this year—much to the Left’s dismay.

Who could be upset about a posthumous pardon of someone who was never cleared from the charge of illegally voting as a woman?

Only the Left, whose actions never match up with their claims of being “pro-woman,” could turn that into a negative.

Regardless of their feeble attempts to discredit the president, women earning the right to vote will now be remembered forever.

Hopefully, future generations will come to understand the value of voting and women’s role in the election process.


Story by Grace Saldana

FreedomWire News

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