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POLL: More Americans agree with SCOTUS affirmative action ruling

According to Fox News, a new poll shows that 52% of Americans agree with the Supreme Court ruling, with 32% in disagreement.

The poll also found that more Americans approve of the SCOTUS decision to shut down the student loan debt cancelation, with 45% in agreement and 40% against.

Representative Michelle Steel, R-Ca., wrote an opinion piece for Fox News applauding the affirmative action decision by the Supreme Court on Thursday.

“Thanks to the brave young men and women who spoke up about their experience with racial discrimination, future students across the country can be assured that their path to achieve their American Dream will be determined only by their efforts and achievements,” the congresswoman said.

Steel, an Asian American politician, wrote that the ruling was “a victory for the American Dream and students across the country.”

“There is nothing more un-American than to be limited in your potential because of your ethnic background or the color of your skin,” Steel said.

Though affirmative action is meant to increase diversity in higher education institutions, Asian American students were found to be held to a “higher standard” than black or Hispanic students.

The California representative shared that she left South Korea at 19 to get an education in California.

“I am living my American Dream,” Steel said, “because, in this country, your actions determine your fate — not your race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background.”

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