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Mayra Flores faces ongoing opposition from Hispanic Democrats

Mayra Flores, the Republican candidate for Congress, made history last June after flipping the 34th congressional district in South Texas. This district, which is 84 percent Hispanic, had a vacant seat after former Rep. Filemon Vela, D-Texas, resigned in March. Throughout her campaign, the Mexican-born congresswoman outraised her opponents and gained the endorsements of Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Greg Abbott.

Flores holds conservative values of God, family, and country. She is also pro-border control, pro-life, and pro-second amendment. These values have obtained stark opposition from other congressional Hispanics.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) is the largest working group within Congress for lawmakers of Hispanic and Latino descent. Early this year, Flores was refused admission by the CHC because of her party affiliation.

As the first Mexican-born American Congresswoman, Flores’ goal was simple; to work alongside other politicians of Hispanic descent. After the denial, Flores commented that it once again proved a bias towards conservative Latinas who don’t fit their narrative.

The caucus defended its decision citing Flores’ ‘extreme views’ and party affiliation as the reason for denial, adding that within their bylaws, it states that membership is Democratic members only. Despite the snub, Flores has said she would continue to be a voice for the Hispanic community.

Political attacks from Hispanic Congressman

Democratic candidate and Flores’ opponent, Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, has been accused of hiring a Texas blogger to write racist and sexist posts directed at Flores. Despite denial from the Gonzalez campaign, there is proof of payment for ‘advertising services’ made to The McHale Report.

Texas “Triple Threat’

Just a day away from Midterms, Flores and Texas Republican candidates Cassy Garcia and Monica de la Cruz continue the fight to take back the house. The three have been coined the “Triple Threat” and bring hope and inspiration as they fight for fellow Hispanics, stating, “We are the real voice. We are the voice of the Hispanic community.”

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