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Marjorie Taylor Greene 'fed up' with 'Democrat-controlled DOJ' as Trump pleads NOT guilty

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that she was “fed up” with the handling of former President Donald Trump’s indictment in the Mar-a-Lago classified records probe.

“Innocent President Trump is being arraigned today for fake charges about documents he is legally allowed to possess,” Greene said.

Trump appeared in a Miami courthouse on Tuesday for a hearing over the case, of which he was indicted earlier this month. Trump was accused of withholding classified documents following his presidency, even after federal officers issued a subpoena for their return. Trump pleaded not guilty to all 37 criminal counts.

In her tweet, Greene accused Biden of taking a $5 million bribe but “free occupying the White House” without charges. The congresswoman told Twitter that she was “fed up.”

Greene made a follow-up post an hour later attacking the actions taken by the Democrat-led Department of Justice as a “war being waged against us” by “corrupt and weaponized communists.”

Greene issued a call to action for Republicans to dismantle the DOJ.

“Winning 2024 is about dismantling the weaponized government and restoring peace, justice, and the rule of law in America,” Greene wrote. “Refusal to do so is failure.”

On Monday, Greene announced that she would be writing legislation to defund the investigation against Trump.

“I will not vote for ANY appropriations bill to fund the weaponization of government,” Greene wrote on Twitter. “I hope every one of my Republican colleagues will join me.”

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