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Lauren Boebert introduces impeachment articles against Biden

Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden in Congress earlier this month.

“Joe Biden has totally failed at his Constitutional duty to secure our Southern Border,” Boebert said in a tweet. “For that reason, I have just introduced articles of impeachment to remove him from office.”

With the articles, the congresswoman claims that Biden mishandled his "constitutional duty to secure our southern border."

"I introduced the articles of impeachment in the last Congress and had fully intended to introduce them this Congress, but I was also giving some other committees and leadership the opportunity to lead on this," Boebert said in an exclusive interview with Fox News.

Boebert is providing an opportunity for action but warned that if the government does not “actually do something about the president's failure to secure our southern border and keep the country safe" she will push the impeachment articles under a privileged motion.

Under a privileged motion, Boebert would read the entire articles on the House floor. After that, leadership has up to two days to either send the articles to a committee or vote on the articles themselves.

On Monday, Boebert also co-sponsored the impeachment articles of Tennessee GOP Representative Andy Ogles against Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

"I support any article of impeachment that is filed that qualifies Joe Biden for impeachment under our Constitution," Boebert said Tuesday.

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