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I Was Pardoned By President Trump... Here's My Story

I was always a wild one, with a loving heart. Unfortunately, I got in with the wrong crowd, started partying nightly, and started doing illegal things I should have known better than to participate in. As a result, I ended up going to federal prison in South Dakota for two years. But, once I got out, I decided to get back to the gal I knew I was.

I went to school to become a dental assistant, had my first born, took time off to marry the love of my life and my police officer hubby... we were expecting, so I decided to go to school to become an EMT. I passed with A’s! I knew it was my calling.

I am also a very avid outdoors gal and have wanted to mentor but my history was holding me back from that.

I got involved with the local boys club to help young men get into positive activities and give them time with someone who loves them. I’m a gun lover and big Second Amendment advocate! I’m huge into the MAGA movement & definitely love Donald Trump! I proudly back the blue and I will forever be a voice for police officers.

I was determined to get the felony cleared from my record so I could work my dream job and fulfill my other dreams. So, I joined our police auxiliary, went on ride alongs & ended up saving a life by preforming CPR, but I just wanted to do more for my community.

I made calls, wrote letters, and made my story public asking for help. Someone finally heard! South Dakota’s own Lt. Governor Larry Rhoden, Senator Mike Rounds & Governor Kristi Noem all decided to help me! Finally, in January 2021 my dream was answered, President Trump had granted me a presidential pardon.

I’m forever grateful! It’s my duty to make them proud and fight for those who fought for me! I will not let them down & I'm determined to let my community know that second chances can truly change lives. I will continue to fight for what’s right & continue making a positive difference in this nation! I hope one day I can thank Mr. President Trump in person for making such a huge impact on my life.

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Jessi Jean

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