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Haika's Story: Why I stand strong in my conservative beliefs

I left my friend’s house during a high school sleepover and didn’t sleep for nearly 36 hours after finding out my best friend of 11 years joined in with other girls on a belittling session about my conservative beliefs. While I knew we held opposite political and ideological views on numerous issues, I trusted my best friend enough to believe it wouldn’t destroy our friendship. However, I was proven wrong that night and decided to walk away from a friendship I thought would last forever.

Since that experience years ago, I have faced countless situations where I have lost friends solely because of my political affiliation (alongside being called derogatory slurs or rejected from social groups). While those experiences never got easier, I look back in gratitude because of the woman it made me today. Standing unapologetic in my conservative beliefs has blessed me with several opportunities I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise and has given me a confidence I never knew I had.

I grew up with African immigrant parents who sacrificed a life they always knew for a better one across the world. Aware of their humble beginnings, I saw the gratitude my parents had for the blessings and opportunities America granted them after experiencing a standard of living back home that was incomparable. Through them, I understood how valuable the United States was, especially to those from third-world countries, and why so many people strive to build a life in the best country to do it.

I will always stand for the flag and proclaim my patriotism for the country that awarded my parents and me with prosperity unlike any other. I believe the conservative ideology champions these values as they continue to advocate for the interests of Americans first to keep our country great.

I look to my Christian faith as the benchmark for everything I believe. From abortion to gender ideology, the Holy Bible is where I seek what is true and good regarding social issues. Because of God’s word, I believe that life begins (and is inherently valuable) at conception and that God created both male and female in His image. We must preserve the sanctity of life both inside and outside the womb, and abortion only diminishes that value by ending the life of an unborn child.

Additionally, God does not make mistakes when creating a life, and that includes our biological sex. The sex we are born with is not “assigned” but instead an intrinsic part of who we are in God’s image and that is something to obey. For these reasons, I stand beside those who defend the lives that can’t themselves and declare that you are ideal in the way God created you to be.

Who knew we would reach a time in our society where love for one’s country or the belief in God’s word would be deemed “bigoted” or “-phobic”?

In the face of all the perversion occurring in our world today, we must continue to seek what is true before what is popular. In the middle of an ever-changing culture, I live by the traditional values that have kept this country, and our society, afloat for past centuries and hopefully, centuries to come. It may come with personal challenges, I know that well, but it is necessary to preserve the greatness of our country. For all these reasons and more, I will forever be a conservative.

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