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Alissa's Story: My Journey Through Politics

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Growing up, my dad always told me, “Nothing good is ever easy, so if it’s easy then it might not be good.” I used to get so annoyed when my dad said that, but it always reminded me that it is the challenges in life that bring great rewards – not the easy way out. For me, it also embodies the conservative values I hold today which are: always work hard, take personal responsibility, and be an empowered individual. As you might guess by my father’s old saying, I grew up in a conservative household as most of my family served in both the military and law enforcement. I personally witnessed the daily sacrifice and hard work they put in every day to put food on my family’s table at night.

Needless to say – I grew up loving the American flag because of my family’s service but also because of my heritage. My mom legally immigrated to America from the Philippines and was so grateful for the life she was able to build here due to the opportunities this country provides to all its citizens.

But when I got older, I had to make a choice. I could either stick with what I was raised to believe – or I could explore other ideologies that differed from what I was used to.

What really helped me in my journey to figuring out what I believe was when I started traveling to different countries to see what life was like for people who live outside of the United States.

I found it particularly interesting when I went to areas like Mexico, South America, and Asia because I was always curious as to why people didn’t seem to love the United States as much as I do! But what I found was that many people I met while visiting these countries ALWAYS admired the fact that I was from the USA. I could tell that they had such a high respect for America as the freest country in the world, and many of them longed to live there too one day.

What I also noticed in many of the countries I visited was they all have a “big government”. Their system isn’t built to serve the people, like America’s is. It instead serves those in power at the people’s cost. The people suffer from not even being afforded the OPTION to find new opportunities for anything because the government controls everything.

After those encounters, I knew I NEVER wanted to take my country for granted again. I decided I am determined to FIGHT for this country to stay the LAND OF THE FREE!

I am proud to say I believe in conservative, Republican values such as limited government, individual freedom, opportunity for all, personal responsibility, favoring WE THE PEOPLE, and of course RACIAL EQUALITY because benefits all who live in America. If you want to be controlled by the government, brainwashed by the media, live in FEAR AND CHAINS… please visit another country because it will open your eyes to how blessed we are to live in the USA.

Another big component of why I am joining the conservative fight is my faith in God. For me, serving God comes first before politics or being classified in a party. But it is obvious that America is enduring MAJOR spiritual warfare that is rooted in the power of politics.

Although it is very controversial to be involved in today’s political climate, it has been put on my heart to fight for this country, speak up for those who can’t, and work to empower each individual.

I feel compelled to speak up because I LOVE people – I always will and always have! I am FOR THE PEOPLE AND THE FUTURE GENERATION.

God has granted me the spiritual gift of exhortation & mercy, which is to encourage and have compassion. I am most passionate about finding Freedom in God which aligns heavily with conservatism because I realized for myself that if I don’t have FREEDOM I am in bondage or being controlled by something that’s preventing me from seeking the life that Jesus has planned for me and using my gifts to help others do the same.

Thankfully, the conservative SILENT MAJORITY fights for freedom for the now and future generations. WE do NOT want to elect Democrats that selfishly push their agenda on us, whether we like it or not. My heart has the desire to encourage people how important maintaining this sense of God-given freedom is.

I want to remind them that the concept of being able to choose our own lives is what we are fighting for. Lastly, I want to remind them to have mercy and compassion for those who feel targeted for their beliefs because discrimination against modern day conservatives is real.

This is my testimony of why I love my God and my Country!

Alissa Winter


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