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How the pro-life community is celebrating the overturning of Roe v. Wade this summer

Next month, June 24 marks the one-year anniversary of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the legislation that deemed state regulations on abortion unconstitutional.

One year later, the pro-life community is celebrating the dismantling of 50 years of legal protection for abortion.

In Washington D.C., Students for Life is partnering with Live Action, Pro-Life Partners Foundation, and 40 Days for Life to host the first-ever National Celebrate Life Day Rally & Gala.

In an Instagram post, Students for Life said the pro-life community would “unveil a new vision for the pro-life movement” at the event with guest speakers Dr. Alveda King, Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life, Lila Rose of Live Action, Shawn Carney of 40 Days for Life, Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire, and others.

Also on June 24, Pro-Life Action League is celebrating the overturned legislation with Rally for Life in Chicago. Pro-Life Action League also hosting the sixth annual National Pro-Life Bridges Day on June 21 in cities across the country.

Pro-life organizations have also scheduled conferences and conventions throughout the summer months.

For the week of June 11-16, Notre Dame is hosting their annual Vita Institute, a program designed to build leaders in the pro-life movement.

The National Right to Life Convention will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from Friday, June 23, to Saturday, June 24.

In St. Charles, Missouri, Pro-Love Ministries is hosting the Pro-Life Women’s Conference June 23-25.

The second annual Post-Roe Symposium will be July 21-23, hosted by 40 Days for Life, according to their website recapping last summer’s symposium.

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Audie Solomon
Audie Solomon
May 31, 2023

Grace, My Beautiful Sweet Love, That's Good, Be Careful, The Worthless Queer Loving Democrats Might Have Some Of Their Idiots There With Guns, To Protest, SWEETHEART I LOVE YOU STAY SAFE XOXO 💘💘💘

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