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Her Rise to the Top: Arkansas Governor-Elect Sarah Huckabee Sanders

You could say that Sarah Huckabee Sanders was born for politics. Beginning her involvement as a young girl, she's built her political career from the ground up with undeniable hands-on experience. Having worked on several national political campaigns, she has become a well-rounded candidate known to be knowledgeable, quick-witted, and sharp.

From college leadership to working alongside her dad

At Ouachita Baptist University, she was elected student body president and was active in Republican organizations, eventually graduating with a degree in Political Science. Her campaign experience, though, began long before her college days.

The only daughter of Mike Huckabee, she was involved in his 1992 Senate campaign as a 10-year-old stuffing envelopes, knocking on doors, and putting up yard signs. While in college, she was the field coordinator for her father's 2002 campaign for the reelection of the governor of Arkansas.

Later, Sanders worked with Ohio's George W. Bush and became the national political director for her father's 2008 presidential run. Sanders slowly but surely became the go-to gal for all things campaign strategy working on multiple other Republican campaigns.

Moving on Up

After managing her father's presidential campaign in 2016, she signed on as Trump's senior advisor. After his election, she served as deputy White House press secretary for a year before taking over for Sean Spicer in 2017. She became only the third female White House press secretary in history.

Winning and Taking Names

You may remember her press secretary days. Sanders was tenacious and unafraid of confrontation, often sparring with aggressive reporters who questioned Trump's policies. In her bid for Governor of Arkansas, Sanders shattered fundraising records with her campaign focusing primarily on national issues, stating she was running to defend the right to be free of socialism and to protect the Second Amendment, freedom of speech, and religious liberty.

With mass support across the state, Sarah Huckabee Sanders proved victorious on Tuesday, becoming the first female to ever serve as the Governor of Arkansas.

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Audie Solomon
Audie Solomon
Nov 10, 2022

Hi Beautiful, I See She Has Her Dad's Spirit, That's Good She Is A Fighter, If Pastor Arnold Murray Were Still Alive He Would Be Happy, Just Like He Would Say, SHE IS A CAN DO PERSON. Thanks For The Article, That Is A Great Story Sweetheart, You Are A Great Journalist, I Love You Sweetheart Keep Up The Great Work XO 💘💘💘

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