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Fmr Congresswoman Mayra Flores inspires, says she ran for office "to keep the American Dream alive"

Former House Rep. Mayra Flores took the stage at a Trump rally recently with a speech highlighting her dedication to the conservative movement.

Flores, a Republican, represented Texas’s 34th congressional district from 2022 to 2023 as only the second Republican representing Rio Grande Valley.

“Are you ready to take our country back?” she began her speech.

"The United States of America is the greatest country in the world, and it's worth fighting for," Flores exclaimed.

Sharing her story of humble beginnings, Flores described what it was like for her family to immigrate to the United States from Mexico.

"It is time that we fight for God, for family, and for country," the former congresswoman added, before stating that she ran for office "to keep the American Dream alive."

When Flores was elected in a 2022 special election, she took a historically blue seat to represent Texas. A Democrat now holds the seat again after Flores lost reelection due to redistricting.

Flores won her seat in an upset victory after running on a pro-law enforcement and pro-strong borders platform. Born in Burgos, Mexico, Flores became the first Mexican-born woman to win a seat in the House.

With her commitment to the conservative movement, Flores’s speech at the Trump rally inspired supporters.

“It’s going to take proud Americans like you to take back our country,” Flores pressed.

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