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Florida Republican Women Surf to Victory on a Red Wave

Tuesday proved to be a historic night across Florida. Republicans dominated the Florida House, winning almost every battleground race and defeating two incumbent Democrats.

Amongst those who reigned victoriously are several Republican female candidates who bring a refreshing vibe and solid voter turnout.

Here are a few noteworthy women who won their elections last week:

Anna Paulina Luna

Anna Paulina Luna, who is Trump-endorsed, was elected to Congress for the first time Tuesday along Florida's west coast. After Charlie Crist resigned from Congress to run for governor, the Trump-backed candidate defeated Democrat Eric Lynn for Florida's 13th District (St. Petersburg). Luna, 33, is an Air Force veteran who is a staunch supporter of conservative values.

Kat Cammack

One of the youngest conservative women serving in the U.S. House, Cammack won reelection to a second term. Cammack represents a newly enlarged 3rd Congressional District across a dozen counties in north-central Florida. She won every county in the district except progressive Alachua County.

In her first term, she sponsored 14 bills, resolutions, and amendments, though none passed the Democrat-controlled House, typical for a freshman lawmaker. She's also known for voting against the Women's Health Protection Act, which attempted to protect abortion access across the country.

Carolina Amesty

Carolina Amesty came out on top in her race against Democrat Allie Braswell for House District 45 (Apopka, FL). With all precincts in, Amnesty led more than 53% of the vote to Braswell's 47%. This district is one of the most closely divided battlegrounds in the state. As a self-made entrepreneur, Carolina strongly believes in limited government, reducing taxes, and lowering the cost of living.

Rachel Plakon

Seminole is always a county to watch closely, as registered Republicans only outnumber Democrats by 2,000. In House District 36, Rachel Plakon won against Democrat Deborah Poulalion with 54.65% of the vote. In a district where most voters supported Joe Biden in 2020, Plakon sought the support of some of those who went for Biden two years ago but might be feeling buyer's remorse now.

It's a new era for the Republican Party, and Tuesday proved to be a resounding affirmation of conservative female leadership.

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