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Review: Blackout by Candace Owens

Updated: May 16, 2021

Is there any word in the English dictionary that accurately describes how amazingly brilliant Candace Owens’ most recent book Blackout is?

Of course, that should come as no surprise considering the author, Candace. Since her rise to becoming a dominant figure in the conservative movement, Owens has captivated America with her brilliance and bravery when it comes to combatting the Left’s senseless lies.

The truth is what Owens is after - and what she strives to do - is to wake Americans up to the truth, especially Black Americans.

Blackout is composed of stories throughout Owens’ life that led her to be a warrior in the conservative movement. Within each chapter, she exposes the damage done to Black Americans caused by Democrat control. Her stated mission is: “How black America can make its second escape from the Democrat plantation."

Throughout the book’s 11 chapters, she proposes her solution.

Chapter One: On Conservatism

Owens begins the first chapter with an insight of growing up with her grandfather and how it was him who planted the seeds of conservatism.

Chapter Two: On Family

Like many intellectuals before her, Owens explains that one of the biggest issues negatively impacting Black Americans is fatherless households. Owens makes the case that it was under the leadership of former President Lyndon B. Johnson when the idea of the black family started to disintegrate.

Chapter Three: On Feminism

The rise of modern day feminism has started a war on masculinity. Throughout this chapter we are reminded of cases where the "believe all women" movement resulted in attacks on innocent men. At last, Owens rightly claims the dilemma we should have with modern-day feminism is the movement’s goal to make strong men obsolete from society, which leads to the disintegration of the family.

When dependency in family declines, dependency on government increases.

Chapter Four: On Overcivilization

Has society become to over-civilized? Has America progressed so much that society may be regressing? According to Candace, all of the above is true. America has achieved such incredible milestones with the race issue over the past several decades that false accusations of racism have people have forgotten what real racism is. This has become a common narrative in our country. This chapter analyzes the true meaning behind the senseless accusations of racism in a country where rights are given to every individual regardless of race.

Chapter Five: On Socialism and Government Handouts

If socialism could be simplified into two words it would be: government control. Not only would the government have complete control over private entities, but control over everyone and everything. Owens reminds us of the damage done throughout history due to too much government intervention and control.

Chapter Six: On Education

While almost every Democrat politician, liberal news anchor, and celebrity wants to claim that it is "systemic racism" in the education system that negatively hurts black Americans, Owens argues a rather controversial perspective. This chapter explores the real reason why Black Americans continue to lag behind White Americans - and it's not because of racism. Black culture (pushed by the entertainment industry) and policies, like affirmative action, are the true reasons why Black Americans continue to regress instead of progress when it comes to education.

Chapter Seven: On Media

Perhaps it doesn't come as a shock to learn that the mainstream media has been essentially married to the Democratic party for some time now. What may come as a shock though, is that this love affair holds the power of manipulation. If you doubt this, you will be appalled to learn the hidden agenda of the media.

Chapter Eight: On Excuses

It's human nature to always point a finger to everyone except ourselves when it comes to our failures. There always seems to be a million excuses, yet never enough accountability. This chapter tells a true story of how two people can be on the same path and end up in two different places, success or failure. The difference between success and failure is the difference between solutions and excuses.

Chapter Nine: On Faith

If you would've asked me a month ago what I though was the biggest issue concerning our country, and even on a bigger scale our world, I would have not said faith. My answer since then has changed. The greatest threat to this country is the lack of faith, more simply put- the lack of God. Candace walks through alarming statistics that will have you wondering what has led to the decrease of faith in God and the increase of faith in government.

Chapter 10: On Culture

We've discussed the marriage between the Democratic Party and the mainstream media as a tactic for manipulation, but could it be that our culture has also been seized for the purpose of control? The answer to the question of whether it is more difficult to be a conservative or liberal in our culture today can give insight into who is controlling culture and for what gain.

Chapter 11: On Slavery

Lastly, we have the much awaited topic: slavery. Do you think you know the history of slavery? Think again. Candace Owens ends her insightful book by debunking the common assumptions about slavery, the United States of America, and the world. It's the truth that Democrat politicians and an overly privileged former Black football player don’t want you to know.

As mentioned in the beginning, there is no word or statement that can perfectly embody the knowledge found within the pages of this book. You'll certainly have to read it for yourself.


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