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Trump's mugshot stirs Republican support after Georgia arrest

Photo courtesy of Fulton County Sheriff's Office

Former President Donald Trump posed for a mugshot in a speedy booking at the Fulton County Jail following his surrender. Trump’s charges accuse him of illegally attempting to overturn the 2020 election.

The mugshot has now become a historic legacy shaping U.S. politics and the former president’s 2024 campaign. An official Trump fundraising website even has t-shirts.

An analysis in The Guardian wrote about how mugshots define eras. Guardian writer Chris McGreal said that Trump’s mugshot defined belligerence and hostility.

“The picture does not flatter but it does convey the message many of Trump’s supporters want to hear – belligerence,” McGreal wrote.

Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert posted the photo on X with the caption, “Not all heroes wear capes.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn simply wrote “Free Trump” above the image.

Even amidst legal troubles, a recent CBS poll reports that 62 percent of Republican voters would vote for Trump at this time, and the news source also notes that Trump’s legal issues are one of the main reasons for supporting the former president. 99 percent of Trump voters said they support him because “things were better” under his leadership.

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene photoshopped her own mock mugshot on X in support of the 45th president.

Jenna Ellis, an American lawyer also arrested for the 2020 election charges, posted her Atlanta mugshot alongside two Bible verses.

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