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The term 'biological women’ is prohibited in a course about…women?

Op-ed by Haika Mrema

University of Cincinnati student Olivia Krolczyk failed a project proposal last month for using the term "biological women" on her assignment. The project was about feminism in a course titled Women's Gender Studies in Pop Culture – how ironic.

Krolczyk shared her story on a TikTok video surpassing three million views, saying she got a “zero” for using the term because it is “apparently not allowed anymore.”

The professor who failed Krolczyk responded saying it was a “solid proposal," but the word choice was “exclusionary” and “not allowed” in the course because it supports “heteronormativity.”

Krolczyk claimed it was the “most biased grade ever” because her project was on transgenders competing in women’s sports.

Not only does this professor deny innate female biology in the name of “inclusion," but also suppresses the ideas of those who abide by biological principles. During a project where women ought to be heard, the exact opposite is taking place.

Apparently, in that course, women's voices are valued, except when those voices refer to women by their biological nature.

Our institutions continue to fail us in doing what they ought to do – guide us in our pursuit of truth through the exchange of ideas and civil discussions.

We can no longer trust many higher education institutions to teach objective truth or allow the exchange of ideas, as they prioritize “equity” and “inclusion” even over scientific fact.

Those who profess scientific fact can receive a penalized grade, school suspension, or (for faculty members) termination of their jobs.

Women nationwide must not tolerate this blatant implementation of leftist bias in our schools, as it continues to dictate what women are and aren't allowed to say in the classrooms.

I commend Olivia for standing up for real women and hope it encourages other women to do the same. Remember, we are the majority at our colleges and universities. Imagine the effect we could have on our campuses if we decided to pushback.

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