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SPOTTED: Tucker Carlson thriving in Florida after Fox exit

Just after parting ways with Fox News on Monday, former Fox host Tucker Carlson was found enjoying a romantic date night with his wife Susan on Tuesday near their Florida residence.

In an interview with, Carlson said, “Retirement is going great so far,” as he and his wife took a golf cart out to dinner.

Carlson lamented that he has not had a weeknight dinner with his wife in seven years. When pressed about his future plans, Carlson respond “Appetizers plus entree.”

On the photos of the Carlsons, Collin Ruggs, co-owner of the news source Trending Politics sarcastically tweeted, “Tucker Carlson seems absolutely devastated by his departure from Fox.”

Benny Johnson, host of The Benny Show, posted a tweet with a video of Carlson and Susan from, saying, “Tucker is still happy. Tucker wins.”

Carlson and Fox parted ways a week after Fox’s $787.5 million defamation lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems. The Hill reported that Carlson’s private messages show he criticized former president Donald Trump and Fox employees. The Wall Street Journal speculated that may have played a role in his release.

After Carlson’s unannounced exit from Fox, media sources and political personalities are wondering where he will end up next.

“Right now, he has every option in the world available to him,” a conservative media executive told The Hill.

Photo: Screenshot from video obtained by Daily Mail.

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