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Op-ed: MUST SEE photo of 10-week old baby disproves the left's dehumanizing arguments about abortion

Op-ed by Cambri Coleman | Photo courtesy of Oregon Right to Life via Epoch Times

Many years ago, the late Dr. Russell Sacco took a photo of an aborted baby’s feet at 10 weeks. This photo was huge for history and quickly spread across the globe and became important for the pro-life movement, Epoch Times reported.

The photo of the aborted baby shows the perfectly formed feet, proving that unborn babies even at 10 weeks, are not just a clump of cells.

The photo pictured above is huge in helping the pro-life movement. Many pro-abortion activist groups are trying to legalize abortion in the first trimester. Pro-abortion activists claim that the baby is not a human yet and is only a clump of cells. According to the Planned Parenthood website, 61 percent of voters say abortion should be legal after 20 weeks.

The picture shows a baby with fully developed toes and feet at 10 weeks old, imagine how developed the baby is at 20 weeks when these abortions are taking place. At as early as three months, babies are just about fully formed, according to All the organs and limbs are present and will then just continue to develop and grow over the course of the next few months.

A baby’s heart begins to beat around 4-5 weeks after conception. Anything with a heartbeat is a human, and not just a clump of cells. The baby’s developing heart forms very quickly because it is needed to deliver oxygenated blood and nutrients to all the other organs that are quickly developing.

Whatever your take may be on this, the photo above proves how developed a baby can be as early as 10 weeks. Life begins as early as conception, and this is a very important fact that many young pro-abortion activists deny.

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