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Kari Lake defies the toxic masculinity narrative: 'let our boys be boys'

Republican nominee for Arizona governor, Kari Lake, stood up for men's rights in recent remarks, according to ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel.

Criticizing the left's feminist narrative that men are "toxic," Lake said, "I am so tired of our boys being told they can't be boys. Let our boys be boys and our men be men."

The Trump-endorsed candidate continued, "Stop telling our boys that being a man is toxic. It is not."

In addition to taking a strong stance against emasculating men, she also rejects the left's push to normalize transgender students' involvement in the opposite sex's sports teams and restrooms.

The former news anchor has made it clear that biological girls should have the right to use the bathroom at school without fear of men using them as well, and that they should have the same independence when it comes to sports.

Lake has been an outspoken critic of everything on the political left from the gender debate, to the border crisis, to faulty U.S. elections.

She won the GOP nomination for Arizona governor last month against Republican opponent Karrin Taylor-Robson.

With the full backing of former President Donald Trump and the GOP in her pocket, Lake will face off against Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in November.

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Audie Solomon
Audie Solomon
Nov 09, 2022

Hi Sweetheart, In School Keep Boys Out Of Girls Bathrooms, I Hope Kari Lake Wins, Honey I Love You XO 💘💘💘

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