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In 2023, Republican women are here to stay

It’s been an exciting year for Republican women. Across the board, Republican women have gained traction and proven that the ‘year of the woman’ wasn’t just a year…it’s a movement here to stay. As Republican women continue to exceed expectations, we take a quick peek back at how we got here and an inspiring look ahead.

The rise in the number of Republican women taking on Washington didn’t come without a concerted effort.

Elise Stefanik launched Elevate PAC to identify and recruit women before the next primary season. In addition, the National Republican Campaign Committee made recruiting a more diverse class in 2020 a top priority. The return? In total, 227 Republican women filed to run, with 94 making it to the general election ballot. Both numbers are were records for the party.

“After the 2018 midterms, it was clear that the Republicans were facing a crisis level of Republican women in Congress.”

- Elise Stefanik, Founder of Elevate PAC

Relatability bridges the gap between politicians and constituent

The relatability behind every female candidate has been a marked change from past elections. Viewed as multitasking mothers, small business owners, or wives, it points to the fact that candidates feel the same struggles and challenges as other women and families.

An inspiring finish to the latest midterm election brought about record numbers

After January's inauguration, 42 Republican women will serve in the 118th Congress, a record number. In the U.S. House, 33 will serve and in the U.S. Senate, nine will serve. Those numbers match previous records and mark an increase of one in both chambers from current numbers.

Together, we can keep the momentum going

Looking to get involved? If you’ve been tempted to dip your toe in political waters or find supportive groups of the like-minded, there are a few ways to get started.

Start local.

Check out your local Republican groups, join a Facebook group geared toward conservative women, or support a candidate in your next local election through volunteering.

Next, look to opportunities to volunteer within your state, such as or check out resources like the National Federation of Republican Women (

It’s an exciting time for Republican women. Let’s keep the energy and power of this movement alive in 2023!

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Audie Solomon
Audie Solomon
04 ene 2023

Hi Beautiful, I Agree, I Hope You Keep The Momentum Going, I Love You Grace XO 💘💘💘

Me gusta
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