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ICE Arrests 300+ Sex Offenders In Operation SOAR

The crackdown on human and sex trafficking continues as federal and local law enforcement nationwide arrest sex offenders by the dozens.

But this time, an operation conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is targeting illegal immigrants who are also registered sex offenders.

As part of “Operation SOAR,” ICE has arrested more than 300 illegal immigrant sex offenders since June, Fox News reported.

Since June 4, ICE officers have arrested 302 noncitizen sex offenders during the operation which was launched by the agency’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO).

ICE officers work in collaboration with the ERO’s Fugitive Operations Support Center, as well as its Law Enforcement Support Center in order to identify and deport suspects who are believed to be registered sex offenders.

“Our officers have prioritized the arrest of noncitizens who pose the greatest threat to the security and safety of our communities,” acting ICE Director Tae Johnson said in a statement.

“By focusing our resources on those who have committed sex crimes and demonstrated predatory behavior, we reinforce our steadfast commitment to enhancing public safety across the United States,” he continued.

ICE is focusing its limited resources, narrowed by the Biden Administration, on matters of national security, border security, and public safety, the outlet added.

Biden’s open borders are only enabling criminals who want to take advantage of Americans. Had the US border been secure, ICE would be spending far fewer resources on identifying and deporting registered sex offenders who snuck across the border.

Americans vulnerable to predatory attacks deserve better than an open-borders society that values illegal immigrants’ wants and needs more than American citizens’ safety.

By Grace Saldana

FreedomWire News

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