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How the feminist movement became anti-woman

Op-ed by Haika Mrema

It is difficult for me to understand exactly what “feminists” are fighting for today. What started as a movement that claimed to “advocate for women’s rights based on the equality of the sexes,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is now actively being hijacked by biological men, professing to be women, with no repercussions.

Feminism continues to abandon the essence of the women they claim to represent in the name of “trans rights” and only true biological women suffer in effect.

Whether it's stealing titles in women’s sports, promoting women’s merchandise, or joining sorority groups, biological men continue to infiltrate female-only spaces while women claiming to be “feminists” allow men to effortlessly seize the opportunities and safety women fought to have. The "patriarchy" strikes, but this time, feminists are nowhere to be found.

Due to the societal complicity with the trans agenda, women endure fractured skulls from MMA fights and sexual assault in women’s restrooms. In exchange, women have been reduced to “chest-feeders," and “pregnant people,” in the name of inclusivity, as suggested by the National Institutes of Health, or unable to define what a woman is.

Despite the chaos, one fact remains: the male and female sexes are not interchangeable.

Further, feminists who rightfully speak out against this injustice are branded as "TERFs" or trans-exclusionary radical feminists. Prominent author J.K. Rowling was subject to this vilification after she expressed her concerns surrounding the erasure of the female sex, as she shared on her website.

Instead of addressing the legitimate concerns caused by the intersectionality of women and “trans women," feminists continue to deny the problem and deflect with name-calling and virtue signaling.

So where does this leave the future of feminism?

In the absence of upholding biological standards and honoring moral virtue, feminists will only continue to contradict themselves by permitting the conduct they simultaneously claim to protect women from, eventually causing the movement to combust.

Real women must continue to speak up against these practices and take back what is rightfully theirs, as we have seen in current forms of activism and legal pushback. Only then will the feminist movement be legitimate in advocating for women’s rights.

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