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Candace Owens goes to war with woke Disney and Hollywood's Grammys

Like the firecracker she is, prominent conservative voice and Daily Wire host Candace Owens spent her Monday podcast episode ripping into Disney's latest twist on a classic show and Sam Smith's disturbing "Unholy" performance at the Grammys.

Instead of allowing the entertainment behemoths to normalize their woke agendas, the conservative commentator refused to let the issues go down without a fight.

Owens summed up her thoughts succinctly in one tweet. "Sam Smith dresses up as the devil at The Grammys which was sponsored by Pfizer, of course. Also, Disney+ ‘Proud Family’ kids series pushes reparations and claims America was founded on white supremacy," she wrote.

On Sunday night, singer Sam Smith gave an unsettling appearance at the Grammys where he wore devil horns, surrounded by dancers wearing seemingly witch-like costumes, and peformed sexually overt dances. The red and black lighting elements, cage prop, and other aspects of the show indicated a very "unholy" performance indeed.

After shredding Smith's live rendition of his hit song "Unholy" as a "performance of the devil," Owens said it "served as a wake up call to people of how dark things have gotten."

"It's time for people to stop ignoring overt Satanism," she added.

Separately in her podcast, Candace Owens, who founded BLEXIT (Black Exit from the Democrat Party), addressed Disney's blatantly political reboot of "The Proud Family" show.

Lacking any subtlety, a clip from the modern version of the show attempts to rewrite children's understanding of American history and promoting the ideas that America has not yet atoned for its past sins of slavery and should pay reparations to descendants of slaves.

Responding to the clip, Owens said "history betrays" the show's narrative that slaves built this country.

She countered that it was black and brown people that allowed for those institutions to continue while "white people were the first people to end the institutions of slavery." America was "the first to put an end and to abolish slavery," Owens said.

Clarifying that her belief in no way serves to belittle the evils of slavery, Owens continued, "There's no question that there was an abhorrent practice, there is no question that it leaves a stain on all of the histories around the world."

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