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Why Democrats Should NOT be Celebrating a Biden Win

The answer to this is really quite simple.

It is an undisputable fact that Joe Biden has not yet won the 2020 presidential election.

Just because the mainstream media outlets including Fox News, CNN, New York Times, and many others are projecting a Joe Biden presidency, does not mean it is time for the left to celebrate.

Why you may ask?

Well, several battleground states remain un-called by the state’s election officials including Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Nevada.

In fact, the northern “blue wall” states that went red for Trump in 2016, Michigan and Wisconsin, are set to undergo statewide recounts due to technical “glitches”, Biden batches, and suspicious election practices.

Whereas Pennsylvania is harshly disputed and undergoing extensive litigation from the Trump campaign since legal GOP poll watchers were refused access to ballot processing centers, postmarks on an unknown amount of ballots were allegedly backdated, and many dead people allegedly voted.

Nevada’s GOP filed a criminal referral to the DOJ alleging 3,062 instances of voter fraud including reports of illegal out-of-state votes and more ballots received than registered voters.

Georgia’s tallies between Trump and Biden are so close the Secretary of State announced a recount on Friday. Furthermore, among many other instances of alleged voter fraud, military ballots that are largely presumed to swing for Trump seem to be missing in action.

North Carolina also remains un-called as counting is reportedly incomplete.

Lastly, Arizona also has not finished tallying votes across multiple counties and an audit may be requested following controversy over counting methods and the state’s election process.

Trump's team of lawyers including Rudy Giuliani announced on Saturday that litigation will begin Monday when they will be filing lawsuits in Pennsylvania as well as the other un-called battleground states.

What this means for Joe Biden is that the election is far from being decided.

Nevertheless, the mainstream media has falsely projected Joe Biden as “president-elect” in a complete absence of the facts. Key word: “projected”.

Not only is a wave of lawsuits coming to seek justice for voters in the contested states, but the electoral college has not met to cast each state’s votes due to the disputes, litigation, and recounts.

I repeat: The electoral college has not met to cast their votes.

On December 14th, 538 electors will meet to cast their votes based on how the people of their states voted which will determine who becomes president.

November 7th is obviously NOT December 14th.

In a normal election where the presidency is not contested (as has been the case over the last 20 years) it is fair to announce a candidate as president-elect if the vote counts across the states are agreed on as final.

But for the media to pre-emptively, and irresponsibly, deceive the American people into believing that the election is decided with Joe Biden as president-elect, is despicable considering the circumstances.

If lawsuits come to fruition in just three of these states, it could be a very different ball game by mid-December, possibly propelling President Trump into another 4 years.

Keep this in mind as Joe Biden does his victory speech tonight and as you see your liberal friends rejoicing in the streets.

This election is not over so we must not lose faith until the courts decide and the presidency is final, and hopefully, justice will prevail.

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