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The Final Presidential Debate: Recap and Thoughts

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden took the stage for the final presidential debate last Thursday, October 22. With election day just around the corner, this debate was critical for both candidates, especially since the first one was calamitous for BOTH candidates.

Lots of changes took place in preparation for this debate including the moderator, Kristin Welker of NBC News, and most significantly, was the change in rules.

Just three days before the awaited debate, the Commission on Presidential Debates confirmed that each candidate's microphone will be muted while the other is giving his opening statement in the beginning of each segment. Another change that should not come as a shock, due to the investigative article by the New York Post that linked the Biden family to corruption across the sea, was the decision that this debate was no longer going to be focused on foreign policy as it was orginally intended to discuss.

It's quite obvious that these changes were made to benefit Joe Biden more than President Trump considering the circumstances. But in my opinion, this blatant bias toward Joe Biden will backfire.

The American people, whether Trump or Biden supporters, want to know the truth behind the allegations pointed at Biden. The simple fact that those running the debate would rather ignore the allegations than give Biden a chance to confront it suspiciously suggests that they have something to hide.

With those changes in mind, here is my take on a few of the best moments of the debate:

Covid, Covid, Covid

Unsurprisingly, Covid-19 made its way back to the stage last night. President Trump was thrown the same allegation that it's all his fault. Sadly, President Trump will always be blamed for the deaths caused by the coronavirus despite the bounty of measures taken by the Trump Administration to prevent them. However, President Trump pushed back on that false claim, reminding everyone that while he was taking strong precautions, Democrats like Joe Biden were busy accusing him of being a racist and xenophobe.

To set the record straight - on January 31st, President Trump issued a travel ban on China to limit the virus from spreading into the United States. Later that same day, Biden said during a campaign event that the ban on China is "hysterical xenophobia", which he repeatedly denies ever saying. However, Breitbart News fact-checked Biden on his ridiculous claim (see here).

During the debate, President Trump also reminded Joe Biden that we are living in a world pandemic. The United States is not the only Western country who struggled to get a handle on the virus. Regardless, China should be the one in question for covering up their outbreak of the virus, not the United States.

Without diving too much into the different policies presented by both President Trump and Biden regarding the coronavirus pandemic, it is evident that America would not survive both ideologically and physically under Biden for a variety of reasons.

One thing I believe Americans must consider when choosing who to vote for is how Biden and Trump view America's chances of getting through the pandemic. While Joe Biden is pessimistic, claiming that, "we're learning to die with it...", President Trump takes a starkly different approach. He is optimistic and hopeful that America will overcome the virus very soon, stating we must reopen the country.

While Joe Biden would love to re-shutdown America entirely, President Trump reminded the American people that, "We can't lock ourselves up in our basement..." like Joe Biden does. Unfortunately, President Trump is right. Many Americans can't afford the luxury of hiding out in their homes, unlike millionaire Joe who calls lids on public appearances daily and took 5 days off 2 weeks before Election Day.

President Trump also did not fail to mention the catastrophic effects on the American people due to the seemingly endless lockdowns pushed by Democrats.

"We're not going to shutdown...people are losing their jobs, they're committing suicide. There's depression, alcohol, drugs at a level that nobody's ever seen before. There's abuse, tremendous abuse, we have to open our country...the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself." - President Trump

I Smell Corruption, Must be The Biden Family

Another very important moment for President Trump in this debate was when he drew a different narrative about Joe Biden amid the Hunter Biden email leaks. Joe Biden has been in Washington D.C. his entire life, 47 years to be exact. He's a true D.C. swamp creature. While the whole country was focusing on President Trump's impeachment sham, Joe Biden has been getting off the hook - and for a very long time now. It is not a secret that Joe Biden's family's net worth increased dramatically during Biden's time in office, especially while Vice President in the Obama Administration. Although Joe Biden presents himself as a "middle-class man", he is quite the opposite.

According to Forbes, Joe Biden's net worth is estimated to be a whopping $9 million dollars, proving he's not just an average Joe from Scranton if you ask me.

Due to recent breaking news concerning corruption overseas involving both Joe Biden and his son Hunter, it was almost impossible to ignore the elephant in the room on the debate stage. President Trump made many remarks concerning the Hunter Biden allegations and other alleged family ties to corruption. Predictably so, Joe Biden succeeded in completely ignoring the subject. Joe Biden desperately looked into the camera and said the typical politician talking points:

"It's not about his family and my family. It's about about your family..." Joe Biden said to change the subject.

President Trump justly pointed out Biden's phony politician routine claiming that is the very reason why President Trump was elected in the first place.

"I ran because of you. I ran because of Barack Obama," Trump said, putting the election in perspective.

All Talk, No Action Joe

Aside from making millions and maybe more, what has Joe Biden done during his time in office? Here is a hint: you can count it all in one hand. The very things Joe Biden did accomplish are the same things he wants to run away from now.

Trump successfully called out Biden on race citing his infamous 1994 crime bill, claiming that Biden put "tens of thousands" of mostly young Black men in prison. A policy which Biden desperately tries to avoid discussing.

Joe Biden along with his far-left Democrat buddies, claim they supposedly have big plans to change and transform the system - the same system that they built. However, President Trump recognized the fact that Joe Biden did absolutely nothing in his eight years as Vice President to change or transform any system, with the exception of healthcare.

So, why would the next four years look any different?

That leads me into pointing out one of President Trump's best debate moments which was when he called out Joe Biden for being all talk and no action. It's reasonable to admit that President Trump, who is not a politician, had more accomplishments on behalf of the American people in four years, than Biden did in 47 years as a politician and eight years as Vice President. Nevertheless, he relentlessly blames Republicans for all of his failures.

Let's take a look back at history. Under the Obama Administration, Democrats controlled Congress for the first two years of the second term. Then, Republicans didn't flip the Senate until 2014. There is no one to blame for Biden's failures, expect Biden.

But what did take place during those eight years of Obama-Biden was the construction of the infamous "cages" at the border which Biden refuses to admit to building. President Trump, along with the rest of America, was left with the unanswered question, "Who built the cages, Joe?"

The Death of Joe Biden's Career

Without a doubt, President Trump's epic winning moment was right at the end of the debate.

Joe Biden admitted he would destroy the oil industry. This would indubitably kill his chances in key swing states, like Pennsylvania and Ohio, whose jobs and revenue come from the oil industry. While Joe Biden foolishly admitted his plans to destroy fossil fuels, President Trump took the opportunity to almost assuredly claim victory in those key states.

"...what he's saying is he is going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that Texas, will you remember that Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio." - President Trump.

Here's the Bottom Line

While it's uncertain how the debate might affect voters, especially with the election just a few short days away, I am hopeful that November 3rd will be as victorious for President Trump as the debate was.

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