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Sephora CANCELS Pro-Trump Beauty Influencer

Nothing is sacred in modern-day politics - not even make up, sports, food brands, or other apolitical industries. Nothing is allowed to escape the Leftist mob’s demands for all aspects of life to conform to their ideology.

Despite Democrats’ calls for “unity,” cancel culture is coming for its newest victim: beauty influencer and Sephora brand ambassador Amanda Ensing.

In the Left’s latest attempt to divide the American people, the mob came after Ensing who wears her Christianity on her sleeve and publicly supports President Trump.

Sephora, one of America’s most popular beauty stores, cut ties with Ensing after liberals took notice of her open support for the former president and began threatening to stop shopping at Sephora if they continue working with her.

According to Ensing, the store began responding to comments attacking Ensing for her political and religious beliefs by attempting to appease the mob.

One such comments Ensing highlights in a video she posted explaining what happened, Sephora writes because of “recently shared content on social media that is not aligned with Sephora’s values around inclusivity,” the brand has “made the decision to cease all programming with Amanda and will not be engaging her for future partnerships.”

This came in response to an Instagram user who said, “Didn’t love Sephora before but after seeing you sponsor Amanda Ensing, a supporter of the dangerous MAGA group, I’m out.”

Ensing said this was one thread of many where Sephora publicly cut ties without offering any clarification or explanation to her prior to doing so.

The company only demanded she remove a YouTube video she made promoting Sephora products just two days before, and now refuses to compensate her.

Ensing slammed Sephora in a 15-minute video explaining the controversy, as a company that claims to be “inclusive” but actively engages in political and religious discrimination against Christians and conservatives.

After blasting the company for discriminating, violating their contract, and refusing to pay her, Ensing vowed to continue standing up for what she believes in.

However, she also teased a plan of action against “cancel culture.”

If Sephora is going to refuse to give equal treatment to conservatives, Ensing said she may take the torch and start her own beauty company where conservatives and liberals alike are welcomed.

Grace Saldana

FreedomWire News

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