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Riley Gaines attacked by protestors at Texas bill signing

Former Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines was one of a handful of activists attacked by protestors at the signing of the “Save Women’s Sports Act” in Texas on Monday.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott held a ceremonial signing this week for the bill already passed in June.

The ceremony took place at the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame at Texas Woman’s University in Denton.

An estimated 250 protestors who gathered at the signing reportedly threw things and spat at the supporters of the bill and called them vulgar names.

Independent Women’s Voice, a conservative organization for the concerns of women, of which Gaines is an advisor, posted a video of the harassment on Twitter.

“Girls, as young as 5, were harassed & called vulgar names, all for joining the celebration of protecting equal athletic opportunity,” the post reads.

Austin chapter leader Michelle Evans shared her experience with the protestors with Fox News.

“There was somebody that got in front of me to try to physically block me from going back inside and pushed her body up against mine,” Evans said.

“Somebody hit my arm, and then someone — a woman in a pink ski mask and sunglasses — spit into my open eye," she added.

Gaines joined Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt for the passing of the “Women’s Bill of Rights” last week. She made a statement to Fox about the protests in Texas.

“Even in the great state of [Texas], protestors have tried to find a way to smear the celebration of Governor Abbott signing SB 15 which protects female collegiate athletics. But they can't,” Gaines said.


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