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Why Joe Biden's Message Falls Short

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Yesterday Joe Biden finally came out of his basement for the first time in four months and addressed the violence in America. Rather than condemn the paid terrorist group Antifa, as we all might have thought after a murder and assaulted public officials, he announced what he believes will be his winning campaign message, "These are images of Donald Trump's America today."  

While Biden continues to push blame on Trump for the violence we have seen in Democrat run states, states that refused to accept Trump’s help or the national guard, he has failed to touch the hearts of the American people. His views have become so far left that he himself has even said he doesn't consider himself a moderate (see here).

The majority of Americans do not want to defund the police, even pro-choice activists would be skeptical of an abortion past the second trimester, and most Americans believe that Trump could bring back the economy better than Biden. Some would first condemn a proven rapist before condemning the police as a whole. 

Yet the biggest struggle has not been what Biden has said, rather, it is what he has not said. Again Biden had every opportunity to, but did not condemn the paid attacks from Antifa with murders, businesses burned, and more struggles particularly in African American communities that are being destroyed. Instead, Biden sat silently during the months we all watched Black businesses burn to ground. 

Some Americans speculate this violence is all because of the coronavirus shutdown and criticize Trump's handling of the COVID-19. Nevertheless, many will not forget Biden calling Trump xenophobic for banning travel from China back in January. A decision even experts disagreed with and speculated was incredibly early given the timing of the virus. Imagine if President Trump listened to "experts" where America would be now? How many more would have died?

Since COVID-19, Trump has been working harder than ever. Problems continued for parents who could not go to work, and kids who could not go to school. Some states still won't allow children to attend school. All this while research finds that children under the age of ten are twenty times more likely to die in a car accident, and even the flu, compared to the coronavirus.

Trump right away went ahead with the "Farmers to Families Food Box” program along with his daughter, Ivanka Trump, so that American families wouldn’t go hungry. School's are known to feed children in low income homes. Over 70 million food boxes have been distributed, Trump even used local churches and community centers as a platform to administer food to families in need.

This was all done while Democrats pushed, and still push, for schools to remain closed, churches to continue burning, and Antifa to continue terrorizing.

Biden's message of "Trump's America" will reach ignorant ears. However with no condemnation for killings, violence against police, and an even later ban on China travels (resulting in more COVID-19 deaths), America is certainly blessed to not live in Biden's America.

- Camille Wead (@blondepolitician)

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